A versatile & flexible 30 years old event manager, event planner, artist manager, press officer with interpersonal, organisational & managerial skills. Flexible, forward-thinker who easily adapt to new challenges and moves smoothly between different projects. A Multi-tasker who thrives in a fast-paced environment, and by using own initiatives or as part of a team, enjoys the planning & the execution of projects until completion. A focused and well-organized professional with a proven ability to develop, promote & implement different event concepts (night events, label showcases, festival panels, live radio shows etc.) An efficient communicator with an eye for details, who readily puts himself into new challenges. Valerio has shared his knowledge on the benefits of co-working, contacts, knowledge and opportunities for business deals.

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One Response to 〔Episode 302〕What are the benefits of co-working? -Valerio Taiocchi
  1. Sai Bharath February 9, at 10:19 am Reply

    Very true that coworking is helpful for freelancers and entrepreneurs struggling to find a good workspace within their budget. Thanks for sharing!


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