For more than 20 years, Donella Muzik has worked with service organizations to maximize the impact and value of their live events. Her skill-set includes using technology to enhance the learning process and improve learning outcomes, and she was an early pioneer in working with facilities to make high-speed bandwidth an affordable norm for organizers and participants. Working with CTI Meeting Technology, her current focus is on applying principles of learning science and digital systems to the way in which associations collect, evaluate, and share educational content. At CTI, she is collecting critical input from their association customers and is working directly with their team of product experts to ensure that CTI tools are supporting and facilitating this process and that customers are up-to-date with how to best leverage the content they collect. Donella has shared her knowledge on how to leverage existing content for maximum impact, content collected at events, different formats similar themes and content management library systems.

To get in touch with Donella, go to @muziktweet

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