One of the most popular items of recent times is the art of taking selfies. This trend has reached every corner of the globe and has finally begun to present some interesting benefits to businesses as well. While many businesses are using special software to determine who is purchasing their products and learning more about how they compare to their competitors, companies are also beginning selfies in relation to the events that they are hosting.

Companies can use selfies in a variety of ways. They can help them target their audience and promote events to those who are most likely to attend. Many are even beginning to promote fundraising events by way of selfies as well. However, when an event planner is deciding to focus on selfies as part of a promotional tactic, there are some items that should be considered as well.

Do’s and Don’ts

Keep in mind that there are a million selfies take every day. The majority of these Selfies are shared on Facebook, but there are also other outlets as well. Event planners should place emphasis on the selfies that are placed on Facebook, but should not fail to consider the other social media outlets as well.

It is also important to know what your target market is. It is estimated that 75% of those who are posting selfies online are between the ages of 18-24. If your target market is in this range, using selfies to promote your event is a fantastic idea. However, there will be fewer people that you can reach if your target market is outside this range and you may want to add another element to your promotion efforts.


Being creative when it comes to using selfies while promoting an event is an important process. For example, you will need to create a clever hashtag to go with your selfie posts. You should also give attendees some sort of incentive to participate as well.

One fun thing that you can do is offer a discount code if an attendee shares a selfie and nominates three of their friends to do the same. This will help promote your event even further because they will be encouraging their friends to attend as well.

Presenting a challenge to your attendees is also an excellent way to get them involved with your event. Your challenge should be one that is fun or offers a funny reaction when the conditions are met. These are the types of challenges that will be shared among friends and will bring more people to your event.


Companies of all shapes and sizes have begun to see the benefit in using selfies for promotional reasons. When you are planning your event, there are many ways that you can incorporate this trend into your planning process.

You can even carry the selfie promotion through the actual event itself and have a final challenge or promotion while the event is taking place. Not only will this help keep your attendees connected and involved, but it will bring about publicity for the next event that you will be hosting as well.

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