On Thursday the 3rd March 2022, I got the chance to attend Confex at Olympia, Kensington in London, UK.

Using Georama, I was able to interview, live stream and record a great less-than-5 minutes interview with Stephane Doutriaux, Founder and CEO of Poken.

What’s Poken?
Poken is an innovative and simple solution that eliminates paper waste, boost networking between participants, generate high quality leads while measuring return on investment. Attendees can collect digital information in the real world from smart tags, and digitally exchange all their contact details with a touch. Poken’s unique Web and mobile tools are regularly used by companies like IBM, Deloitte, Coca-Cola, HP, and partners in the event space, such as Amex and MaxVantage.

Why I love Poken?
First of all, you get to choose the material that you take away. It’s a matter of seconds. You don’t need to collect booklets, pamphlets, leaflets or business cards. All you need to have is a little Poken (super cute hand, and you get to high-five other little hands to collect the material- check the video to see how it works). Poken has a hidden USB. When you get home, you get to read what you have collected. Keep it, share it or trash it according to your needs.

Of course, collecting the information is only a very small part of Poken. In fact, it can help you with registration, gamification, matchmaking, increasing your brand awareness, ignite conversations, get unprecedented insight into people’s interests and drive information sharing to name a few.

Have you checked them out yet? To get in touch with Poken, go to http://www.poken.website/

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