If you work in the marketing industry you have undoubtedly heard of gamification before, and if not, you would be surprised to know that you’re probably participated in it at one point or another. As a consumer, if you’ve ever collected points for eating at certain restaurants, making purchases at certain stores, or used a.. read more →

Hosting an event is something that is constantly changing over the years, particularly with the increasing use of technology. With the help of app analytics and feedback from your attendees, you can easily determine which parts of your conference are the most successful. This information can help you to easily create the best experience for.. read more →

Meeting design is an invaluable concept to keep in mind, as you work to develop your meeting. You want to create something that is comfortable, engaging, and focused on the matter at hand. At the same time, there is also value to be found in playing. Through playing, you are adding an essential component of.. read more →

Any event can be a grand success only when it manages to engage the audience. Ensuring that you have substantial attendance is the stepping stone and satiating the audience through the event is the secret for success. Many presenters fail to engage the audience at various levels. Here is a list of the five common.. read more →

On Thursday the 3rd March 2016, I got the chance to attend Confex at Olympia, Kensington in London, UK. Using Georama, I was able to interview, live stream and record a great less-than-5 minutes interview with Stephane Doutriaux, Founder and CEO of Poken. What’s Poken? Poken is an innovative and simple solution that eliminates paper.. read more →

26 Feb 2014
February 26, 2014

Using Gamification To Enhance Attendee Participation At An Event

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Utilizing Gamification In Your Event Marketing Strategy You’ve probably been working really hard to promote your company online. However, you might not be getting the engagement you want because you’re not giving your brand’s fans enough incentive to participate in interactions with your company. What opportunities are you really giving them to engage with your.. read more →