Great communication skills are a must for event planners, because they have to work well with others. Good event planners have to work with so many kinds of people – from exhibitors, sponsors, contributors, speakers, participants, attendees, and guests – so they need to have a diverse background and be able to work as well with business-oriented people as regular folk who are attending the events.

Event planners could be working on several projects at a time, and conversational skills are important when balancing so many things. Some people snap under pressure and become very quiet and closed off, but an event planner has to be talkative at all times. Good communication skills will help event planners get their jobs done well and on schedule. Poor communication can only lead to time lost, and it could even hurt the progress of an event.

You will have to talk to a myriad of people in your line of work, and there is no single quality that is more important than good communication skills. If you can master good communication, then you will be well on your way to succeeding in the event organization and planning industry.

Good Event Planners Need To Do This Stuff

  • Improve how they listen
  • Overcome any language problems
  • Read the body language of those whom they are speaking with
  • Use social networking, apps, and tools to promote and manage an event
  • Influence a staff or team to improve the performance
  • Identify any people who are abusive and deal with them in an effective way
  • Deal with problems that are happening in the workplace

If you have good communication skills, then you’ve already fought half the battle. Being easygoing and calm while you don’t lose your patience can help you project a positive image for yourself and your client. Anyone can help heal problems and get ahead with good communication skills. People will think it is very pleasant to work with you.

It doesn’t matter how intelligent, flexible, or put together you are, if you don’t have good customer service skills, then you aren’t going to go very far. Good communication and customer service skills are essential because your clients will talk, and they will talk to their clients about you, and so on and so forth. If the word-of-mouth for you is good, then your business will grow faster than ever thought possible.



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