Stressful situations can occur at any given time, whether it’s at work or if you’re deciding what to eat for dinner with your family. When you’re under pressure, communication can be incredibly difficult and misunderstandings are far more common which only attributes to higher levels of tension. Learning how to communicate effectively under pressure is a tool that everyone will find to be useful.

Tip 1: Self-Awareness

If you feel yourself being bogged down by pressure, make sure that you take a few steps back and become self-aware. Know that you are going through a stressful time and be aware of how you communicate with other people as this can help to reduce tension. If you don’t feel yourself getting calmer after you realize that you’re under pressure then go through some relaxing exercises and meditation so that you can take control of yourself and the situation at hand. Sometimes it’s best to separate yourself from the task and go for a brief walk.

Tip 2: Stay Focused on the Issue

In the heat of the moment it can be incredibly difficult to stay focused on the topic at hand, especially if you’ve begun a heated exchange with another person. Stay focused on the topic at hand and it will make communicating much simpler. You should always remember the points that you wanted to make originally and not get swept up in letting the discussion go off topic. The best way to communicate under pressure is to state your facts consistently and support your opinion in a tactful nature.

Tip 3: Listening is Key

If you’ve ever had a lecture from your parents about listening to other people, now is the time to heed their advice. It can be difficult to listen while you’re under an immense amount of pressure but it can be more beneficial than you think. The other person that you’re talking to may have valid points and could be expressing the way that they truly feel and to be respectful of their opinions, they deserve to be heard much like you do. Allow silences to be had in between points so that the other party is able to add anything that they want to say. Don’t be quick to fill a silence as it could be the other person taking in what you just said to them so that they can thoroughly understand your point. Be sure to be patient and to listen effectively.

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