Hosting an event is something that is constantly changing over the years, particularly with the increasing use of technology. With the help of app analytics and feedback from your attendees, you can easily determine which parts of your conference are the most successful. This information can help you to easily create the best experience for your next conference.

What Attendees are Excited About

As the host of a conference one of the easiest ways to boost your attendance levels is to advertise most of the big-ticket items for the event. When you post these advertisements to social media, the traffic from potential attendees will turn into analytics that you can use to your advantage. If you find that most of the online traffic is directed towards a certain guest speaker or a particular topic covered during the conference, you certainly know what to include next time.

Room for Improvement

No matter how hard to try to create the ideal conference that will improve every one of your guests, it’s a dream that is unattainable. The best way to make sure that more people enjoy your conference is to take note of attendee feedback. People are going to be more likely to tell you where there is room for improvement and this constructive criticism is something that you need. By listening to the faults of the conference, you can make sure that the mistakes are avoided in the future.

Attendee Participation

One of the most important things that really makes a conference worth while is the attendee participation. People love taking photos and videos so that they can share them with their friends and family members, so be sure that you give them something to take pictures of. For example, setting up a photo booth and offering hashtags that your attendees can use when they re-post their photos online. By giving a fun activity that everyone can participate in and having them reference your conference, it’s free marketing and enhancing audience participation.

Increasing Overall Attendance

People are going to be more interested in attending conferences that are popular or widely discussed. You’ll want to make sure that you track your analytics and attendee feedback to learn how you can increase the attendance to your events. If you notice that your marketing posts on Twitter aren’t gaining enough traction, consider using other social media sites such as Instagram or Facebook. The more shares your marketing media receives, the more popular your conference will become.

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