Meeting design is an invaluable concept to keep in mind, as you work to develop your meeting. You want to create something that is comfortable, engaging, and focused on the matter at hand. At the same time, there is also value to be found in playing. Through playing, you are adding an essential component of meeting design to your proceedings.

Not only are you giving employees the opportunity to blow off a little steam. You are also building unique bonds, while also making sure your employees remain loose, energetic. Numerous studies have made it quite clear that playing is an essential element to meeting design. Keeping such studies in mind, what are you doing to give your employees the most productive space possible for meetings?

How To Implement Playing In Your Meeting Design:

Whether you’re dealing with a special meeting that brings together individuals from all over the country or world, or if we’re talking about the usual Thursday meeting, you have options for adding playing to the meeting design skeleton you are creating.

Chances are, your meeting involves a presentation of some sort. While it is naturally important to construct a presentation that people are going to pay attention to, there is one additional aspect to this that you are going to want to keep in mind: No one really wants to sit for a long, dry presentation. No matter how comfortable you make the space, focusing intensely on one subject from start to finish is bound to lose more than a few of those who might be in attendance. Constructing activities is a great way to break up monotony, which can befall even the most fascinating of subjects. Furthermore, these activities should look for ways to get as many people involved as possible. Even something as simple as a brainstorm that invites unfiltered ideas from the room is a great step towards creating a space optimized to engage the more important matters on the table.

How you implement playing into your meeting design is entirely up to you. The important thing is to look for something that’s simple, easy to pick up, and capable of bringing together a wide range of participants. You want to create a situation in which one point of view is benefitting from exposure to another. You want something that will boost the energy of not only the individual, but something that boosts the entire room, as well. This is how you achieve optimal productivity.

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