Every event is designed to be an effective marketing campaign. Even if an event is primarily informational, the focus on promotion and branding has to be unwavering. For marketing activities or any strategy to be of optimum impact, the contents of the event must be compelling enough. Unless you can intrigue and then satiate an audience, your marketing efforts would be futile. Not only should you keep an audience engaged but give them more than what they had asked for, signed up for or hoped for.

A relatively simple way you can enhance the impact of marketing activities is by using live experiences. Live experiences can be in the form of social media engagement, by having an app and creating interactive platforms while the event is in progress, by having consoles or kiosks that would engage the audience and many other live interactions wherein speakers or presenters can correspond with the audience in real time.

There are many benefits of live experiences.

Let us just check out the various ways live experiences can complement the marketing activities.

  • Live experiences are more engaging. How would you respond to a proceeding that consumes two or three hours of your time but doesn’t engage you at all at any level? People walk out of movie theathers when they don’t like what they see. Students walk out of classes in college or university if they don’t like the session. These days, people don’t feel obligated to stay if they are unhappy. Don’t expect to have your audience glued to their seats with the eyes and ears dedicated to the proceedings unless you have something to engage them with. Every live experience is engaging because it requires the direct or tacit involvement of the audience.
  • Live experiences are more interactive. You can ask for problems, recommendations or solutions, reactions to incidents or experiences, get feedback and you can initiate enlightening conversations with your audience. The audience often feels like a unit so you can just engage with a few to make everyone feel involved in the event. There is a reason why magicians used to call on stage a few guests from the audience, even if some were planted and others were gullible.
  • Live experiences make for an effective broadcast. If your event fails to entice the audience in attendance, forget having any impact when you broadcast such an event or post its video on social media. Live experiences with enticed audience will have an impact beyond the venue and the attendance.


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