Marketing doesn’t always need big bucks. Sure, if you wish to have your commercial aired during the primetime then you would have to shell out a fortune. And it is true that such commercials get amazing exposure for companies and help in branding but there are some low cost small business marketing ideas that you could use and get some considerable traction.

Many companies that are brands today had very reasonable marketing budgets and they have still managed to become a phenomenon in their industry. There is no reason why you cannot. Here are some low cost small business marketing ideas that you could use.

  • Generate amazing content. The virtual world of internet and the advent of social networks, social media, video sharing sites and blogs; publishing content has never been easier and simpler. You don’t have to pay anything to use these mediums and yet you can reach out to a massive audience. Consider blogging and publish compelling content. Become a leader of sorts with your website content. Offer information that no other company in your industry is doing. Produce and publish videos that can be of immense help. Whatever your niche is, try and use your knowledge and authority to make people aware that you are a market leader in the industry. You don’t have to be a market leader on paper but if you present your company as such then you would become one. Original, convincing content published on a regular basis will gain you the much needed exposure. Consequently, you would enjoy an amazing search engine rank, good traffic and you will get to build your base of followers or fans online.
  • Always be vocal about popular issues, certainly limiting them to your industry or associated aspects. You don’t need to comment on who would be the next president as that would have a partisan impact but speak up on issues plaguing your industry or what is important for the customers vis-à-vis the products or services you offer. When you do this, you are gaining trust and a company needs to be perceived as trustworthy to become a brand.

Use all free advertising mediums. Get your employees merchandise that would have your company logo, advertise on cars and vehicles owned by the partners or senior managers and even the staff if possible and use guerilla marketing to have the maximum impact at the least cost.

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