Every event has its basic checklist. Ensuring every quintessential need is attended to is an easy job for any proficient event planner. The real daunting challenge lies in trying to make the event unique. It is truly hard to come up with new ideas every now and then. The human mind is a treasure-trove but it doesn’t assure riches every time you ransack the brain to discover new concepts, ideas or strategies to make an event a success. Then there are budget constraints, what you can do and cannot do, what is acceptable and not along with a plethora of other blinkers or caps that limit your ability to experiment.

One thing that you can do to make your event a grand success is factor in emotions. If your event strategy includes emotion as one of the quintessential attributes on the checklist then you can certainly make a lasting impression. Your event will be a certain success.

Why include emotions in event strategy?

Forget for a moment that you are in the event industry. Think of your life including your professional experiences and ask yourself which event you remember the most vividly. Challenge yourself to write down the details describing that event, down to the tiniest piece of information that makes it stand out or impressive according to you.

As an event strategist, you may have to keep an eye out for what happens in your industry but think like one of your attendees or guests and you will realize that the most memorable events you have attended or organized are ones that have an emotional connect. Maybe the first time you had seen something really cool, the one event that had content which touched your heart, one venue that rekindled some emotional memory of yours, the really quaint food that make you forget social courtesies or the sheer joy of trying out some new gadgets, it could be any other product. These are the kinds of experiences people remember, not the same run off the mill proceedings at random events.

Target the emotional memory of your audience!

When you target the emotional memory of your guests or attendees, they would sit up and notice, they would be interested and would start to relate. They would consider the event to be special and they will participate. If you cannot have an emotional impact at your event, your audience or guests may just walk in, attend the event, waste some time and go back to whatever they have to do.

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