Event awareness can make or break your overall event attendance and success. After all, letting people know what you have in mind for your event is just half the battle for getting them in the door. One way to truly boost event awareness is to work closely with your keynote or featured speaker to get the word out. Especially if your speaker happens to be very well known, respected, or even famous. In this article, we will talk about doing just that.

Offer Them Something

The first tactic to see is your speaker would be able to work with you to promote your event is to offer them something. What do we mean by this? Well, check into what your current speaker is up to. Why might they want to come speak at your event, for instance? Are they promoting a book? An upcoming movie? A new album? Or maybe even speaking tour? Whatever it is, tell your speaker how you can both work together to promote your event, which will allow them to better promote their own work.

Tell Them What You Would Like

Promotion is very important. So important that saying the incorrect or wrong thing to promote your event could result in a disaster. Be very specific with your speaker about what you want them to say about your event. Let them know what they should and should not say about your company, institution, or brand. Also be sure to tell them how early and how frequently you would like to see them promoting your event. By laying everything out for them you can make the promotion easier on their end. You can also get the kind of press that you want.

Keep Talking to One Another

Even after you lay out your expectations for promotion, understand that your communication should not be abandoned. Instead, be sure to keep in touch with one another all the way leading up to and after the event. Keeping the lines of communication open can help you to monitor overall promotion of your event. It may also mean that you can help your speaker in other ways both before, during, and after the event. Be sure to let your speaker know when you expect something of them, or something has changed. Remember that pulling off a great event is also a lot of work.

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