In recent years, digital marketers would always advise people to optimize their sites for search engines like Google. They would say that a website will never have any visitor if it’s never found in a search engine results page or SERP. In order to optimize a website, people should include keywords in their content. In.. read more →

Every business should consider using videos for marketing purposes, special promotions and even in their blogs. Video blogs are becoming a quintessential element in online marketing. Small to medium businesses may wonder if videos are affordable and if they would be worthwhile. No business is too small or too big for video marketing. The first.. read more →

Exposure is always alluring. Right from the preteens to old age, attention and finding greater presence amongst others will always lure any and sundry! It is not surprising that innumerable companies use the get paid by exposure trick to invite experts, to get more panelists and also bring in guests who would otherwise be uninterested… read more →

08 Jul 2016
July 8, 2016

Affordable & Effective Ways To Increase Brand Awareness

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A small or medium enterprise doesn’t have the financial reserves to spend on commercials or a larger than life branding campaign across a city, state or country. Small to medium businesses will have to opt for affordable but effective ways to increase brand awareness. Fortunately, there are some reasonable mediums and strategizing the specific approaches.. read more →

04 Jul 2016
July 4, 2016

3 Cost Effective Ways For Startups To Attain The Elusive Exposure

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Startups don’t have the financial prowess to invest in larger than life billboards or primetime commercials. Unless you have a product that has surprisingly been endorsed by some celebrity and you can showcase that on Shark Tank or some other reality show, your startup enterprise will still lack the exposure that it needs to grow… read more →