In recent years, digital marketers would always advise people to optimize their sites for search engines like Google. They would say that a website will never have any visitor if it’s never found in a search engine results page or SERP. In order to optimize a website, people should include keywords in their content. In addition, most of them would say that you should create a blog to promote your website.

Nowadays, things have changed. Most marketing experts suggest that you should promote your blog to social media. This means that social media is more powerful than blogs. When you blog, you are targeting search engine users. When you do social media marketing, you are directly connecting with real people.

If you are running a business that provides services such as events management and the like, you have to reach out to people instead of waiting for them to visit your site. This is because people who look for services tend to ask their friends for recommendations, and the best way to reach their friends is through social media. The only challenge is to capture their attention to follow you and to get your services. Nevertheless, here are 5 social media tips you can apply to gain more followers and capture their attention:

  1. Follow as Many People as You Can

The fastest way to increase the number of your followers is to follow them. It doesn’t matter if the number of your followers is lesser than the number of people whom you are following.

  1. Interact with Other People Through Commenting

This will not only expose you to their friends and followers, but you can also attract them to know more about you and to view your profile in the long run.

  1. Create a Post with Stunning Photos

Posts with beautiful photos are more likely to be shared by people. This will give you more chances of getting viral.

  1. Optimize Your Profile and Your Posts

Keep in mind that social networking sites are also search engines. Optimize your social media content the way you practice SEO for your site.

  1. Advertise on Social Networking Sites

If you want to gain instant exposure, you can resort to paid advertising, so that your campaign will be seen on the news feeds of your target clients.


Social media marketing is a very effective tool to promote and sell products or services. You don’t even need to divert people from social networking sites to your own website just to perform a certain action. It can be done on the spot though social media sites. In fact, more and more people these days are using social networking sites to search for products and services in order to make their purchases or book for services.

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