Every business should consider using videos for marketing purposes, special promotions and even in their blogs. Video blogs are becoming a quintessential element in online marketing. Small to medium businesses may wonder if videos are affordable and if they would be worthwhile. No business is too small or too big for video marketing.

  • The first reason why you should consider using videos to promote your business is the medium itself. There are three basic mediums at your discretion. They are text, image and video. You can use text, which you are already doing in all likelihood, ditto for image. In addition to the website content, blogs and articles, the pictures on your website, graphical illustrations or info-graphics, you need videos. As a medium, video is the most effective communicator. With text, you do depend on the imagination of the audience or their ability to grasp what you are saying and then relating to it in reality. With imagery, you can illustrate more and help the audience to imagine, relate and understand. With videos, you can do that very well. Nothing is left to interpretation or chance in well produced videos.
  • Videos are more effective than text and also more helpful than imagery or static forms of visual illustration. Some people are not that interested in reading a thousand word article or blog post. Would you ignore this segment of your target audience? These people would love to check out a short video. Videos are more interesting as they require little effort on the part of the viewer. You don’t have to deal with complex technical jargon and instead choose to create an audiovisual world that explains everything. People are far more likely to watch a video and given the data speeds of the day, one doesn’t have to wait for a video to buffer. It could have still been argued that video buffering and streaming issues made the medium a challenge ten years back. Today, even phones are on 4G networks and videos load up like a breeze.
  • Videos are more shareable. At the end of the day, you want to use a medium that will get you more exposure. Blogs and pictorial illustrations will get you exposure but short of what a video can do. Short videos that are optimized for desktops or laptops and mobiles or tablets will have a greater potential of going viral.


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