21 Jan 2014
January 21, 2014

Team Building Tips

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What Is A Team-Focused Work Environment?

You’ve probably heard about team building if you’ve been in the corporate world for a while. People in virtually every workplace talk about team building, but very few really grasp how to create the experience of teamwork or how to craft a great team. When you belong to a team, you are supposed to really feel like you are a part of something bigger than yourself.

In a team-focused environment, you use your gifts for the overall success of the company. You work with fellow members to get better results. Even though you have a unique job function, and you belong to a unique department, you are still unified with other members of your company to achieve the overall objectives. What drives your action is the bigger picture.

Team-Strengthening Activities For Events


If you’ve assembled a team for a special event, have your employees provide anonymous feedback. When you figure out what your employees liked and didn’t like about the event, you can refine and enhance your approach in the future.


If you’ve put together a team from office employees, make sure that they know they are supposed to leave their titles at the door. One of the keys to a successful event is for all of your employees to feel like they’re on equal footing, regardless of their station back at the office.

Feed Team Members

Everyone enjoys eating, and offering them tasty food can go a really long way to keeping them engaged and happy. Having pastries from the bakery around the corners, snacks throughout, and lunch can be a morale booster for your team members.

How Do You Build A Successful Team?

Let’s look at crucial steps for building a team that will last through a company’s grueling objectives, tasks, and goals – and come out on top.


Team members must want to participate on the team. They need to feel that the team mission is important. They must be committed to accomplishing the team mission and its outcomes. Team members must perceive their service as valuable to the company and their own careers. Team members should also get recognition for the contributions that they make. Furthermore, team members should be encouraged to grow and develop their skills while they’re working with the team. They should be excited, and they should feel healthily challenged by the team opportunity.


Team members must understand why they are participating on a team in the first place. They need to be aware of how the strategy of using teams will help the company achieve its communicated business goals. Team members must be able to define the importance of their team in relation to the corporate goals. The team must also understand how it fits into the bigger picture of the of the company’s values, vision, principles, and goals.


Executive leadership must clearly communicate what expectations it has for the team. They must make it absolutely what they expect of the team’s performance and anticipated outcomes. Team members need to understand why they were put together in the first place. Furthermore, executive leadership has to lend the money, time, and resources to the team. Furthermore, the work of the team has to receive adequate emphasis as a priority in terms of the interest, attention, discussion, and time given to it by the executive leadership.


The team needs to feel that it has the right people participating. A team must feel that its members have the right skills, capabilities, and credentials to address the issues for which the team was set up in the first place. If not, will the team have access to those who do? Does the team have the strategies, resources, and skills to accomplish their goals?


Team building is crucial if you want to the get most out of your workplace. The aforementioned tips will help ensure that you do. Put the principles outlined above into place with teams in your workplace.

If you’re holding a special event, and employees from the office are going to be running it, then choose activities that are appropriate for everyone, don’t make the whole event about the company (include fun activities), and don’t force everyone to attend. Enjoyment is what it’s all about when you’re holding special events.

What are your tips for successful Team Building?


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