A new trend has emerged in major cities like New York where people are opting for what is being called the power bowl instead of having a large meal served separately. Typically, you would serve appetizers or starters, one or two main courses, one or two desserts and wrap up the spread. This has been the norm at most events. Now, one can take a bowl and have every single meal out of that bowl. This is the power bowl.

In all fairness, the power bowl is not exactly a trend that has emerged right now or the last few months. It has been around for a while. It has only become popular recently and people beyond the dieting brigade are endorsing it. Innumerable people have been resorting to quinoa bowls, salad bowls and different kinds of power bowls for some time now to contain their calorie intake while ensuring adequate nutrition.

Now, can these power bowls be used at events?

The answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Let us discuss the latter first.

  • You cannot serve a power bowl with every single meal in it if the meals have the chance of getting messed up. You cannot serve meals out of a bowl if the attendants at your events would not be receptive or welcoming of it. Not everyone would want to have all meals piled up in one bowl. Also, not every meal can be eaten out of a bowl. You would have to take a call depending on the nature of your event, the kind of audience you would be catering to, the merits and demerits of using a bowl given the menu you have or you can just have an option for the guests to use a power bowl. The latter wouldn’t make sense if you cannot replace the plates and reduce the spreads at events.
  • A power bowl can help in cutting down the size of spreads, you can pick foods that can be served together and on a bowl, the plates can be done away with and the overall cost can also be scaled down significantly. Serving every single meal in a bowl saves space, it saves people time which can then be used to attend to the event, people can easily move around with a relatively large but convenient power bowl and they would also be able to eat everything that is served.

Smart planning of the menu and ensuring that your guests are not shocked would be the two simple prerequisites to serving every single meal out of a bowl at events.



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