If you’re hosting and/or planning an event, it can be a stressful venture and with the help of humour, stress can be eliminated and it can help to promote a fun and exciting environment. This is a great way to break the ice with the attendees and to ensure that your employees will work diligently throughout the night with a positive attitude. With that being said, using humour may only work in certain situations for certain events. Below are some tips that you can use to know how to effectively be funny without offending or boring your audience or guests.

Tip 1: Knowing Your Delivery

The most important part of using humour in event marketing is to know how you’re going to deliver it. Imagine the amount of times that you have heard someone tell you an incredibly long and complicated joke, only to not come to a humorous conclusion. Anyone can tell a joke, but it is the truly talented few who can tell a funny joke. You should consider intertwining humorous stories and jokes together to help keep your audience engaged. Also, ensure that you make your jokes brief so that your audience won’t go through the frustration of listening to a joke to wait for the punchline.

Tip 2: Knowing Your Audience

The most important aspect of knowing how to be humorous at an event is to know who your audience is going to be. You will want to know what their interests are and why they’re attending the event in the first place. As an example, if you are hosting or planning a corporate Christmas party, jokes about the company and Christmas are the perfect sources of material. This is because everyone at the party is a part of the company and everyone there celebrates Christmas.

Tip 3: Finding Humorous Sources

When you are developing your jokes and your stories, you will want to find humour in any place possible. Generally, jokes can be derived from literally everything and anywhere. Try listening to conversations at a restaurant and talk to people that are around you. Funny people say some of the funniest things and you can grab some great material from them. If all else fails, rely on professional comedians who have been in the comedy business for many years. You can take their material and put your own twist on it.

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