The event industry is constantly trying to reinvent itself. There are customary ingredients necessary for specific types of events to be well planned, organized, managed and hosted. There are special attributes that make an event noticeably different. Satiation and success depend on all of these quintessential elements and then there is the showstopper. Events must have a highlight, a star attraction or anything that is not ordinary.

There are many ways the event industry tries to change the rules of the game. Despite budget constraints, the compulsion to suit a particular theme or narrative, the limitations of what one can do given the choice of venue and many such variables will stunt the scope of innovation. But the event industry always manages to come up with something ingenious from time to time.

  • One of the latest trends in the event industry is serving in bowls. New York was the pioneer in this. Spreads and serving in plates are being replaced by bowls. Eating out of a bowl is being considered healthy and it indeed reduces the amount of food one consumes. It also reduces the waste. Serving in a bowl and eating out of a bowl augurs well for event planners, the hosts who pay for the whole show and for the audience who can enjoy their snacks rather conveniently. The practice has not really spread out across the country but it is in vogue in many regions, particularly at urban hotspots.
  • The event industry has been combining offline and online realms to offer a more seamless experience. There are event managers who make online or remote check-ins accessible, there are video recordings of the events which people can access from the archive whenever they want and a plethora of technological advancements have been endorsed by the event industry in recent years. One noticeable phenomenon is how many event planners are trying to bridge the real time gap between offline and online realms. Today, events that are of a substantial scale don’t have troubles connecting various people from around the world via teleconferencing or video conferencing to be a part of the event.
  • The most exciting development in the event industry is of course virtual reality. Many companies are exploring how events can be hosted in virtual environments and not in real venues, wherein people can attend from anywhere in the world and can be a part of a setting that will be interactive, flexible and effortlessly efficient. While virtual reality is still evolving, it is poised to be endorsed wholeheartedly by the event industry.

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