Selfies are one of the most popular things that have emerged from social media in the past few years. If you haven’t heard, a selfie is essentially a picture of yourself by yourself. By using selfies as a marketing strategy, they are not only inexpensive but they can also help your company to relate to younger generations. There are several reasons as to why selfies should be an important part of your marketing material.

Why Choose Selfies?

The simple answer for why you should choose selfies is because people love being able to visually experience a certain product or service. In the past, journalists would write press releases comprised of a bunch of written details but customers can’t really get a true feel for what they’re trying to describe. By using selfies to market your products you will be giving your customers a visual image that they can use to understand the point that you’re trying to get across. The more that customers understand, the more likely they will be to make their first purchase and potentially become a loyal customer.

Creating a Visually Stunning Image

Every smart phone these days has an array of editing tools and if yours doesn’t, you can easily download one from your phone’s app store. When you take a selfie you will be able to edit the colors in the image, crop out parts of the picture that are irrelevant, and basically make the picture look like it’s worth a million bucks. It will also help to make it look more professional than if you just used a regular selfie. The better your pictures look, the more desirable your product or services will be and your sales will reflect that.

Relating to Your Customers

The number one problem that a lot of businesses have is being able to relate to their demographic. If you’re targeting younger generations, find a variety of photo sharing applications that you can use to upload your selfies, such as Instagram. Since selfies are known around the world, you will be relating to your customers in a way that you never have before. Your customers will see your company as more down-to-earth instead of a huge multimillion dollar corporation and this may help them to feel more comfortable buying from you. Plus, if you take the time to open an Instagram account or another social media account it can be equally as beneficial for your marketing plan.

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