The internet has provided a platform for individuals from different positions to work together towards a common goal. It has become a common feature that in many niche industries, businesses have continued to scale up their operations due to such partnerships. The strategies department are leading the migration to these Internet-based collaborations primarily digital strategists, social strategists as well as marketing strategists.

Their roles in the event industry are somewhat intertwined though each position is unique. Let us look at what it entails and how they work together for the good of the company.

Digital Strategist

The holder of this position works in an organization to research and identify any unfulfilled needs, opportunities, goals, and the challenges facing the various aspects and departments. They then proceed to formulate and provide oversight in the implementation of strategies through specific incentives.

Social Strategist

In the modern age, over 80% of corporates in the world use social media to reach out to their existing and potential customers. The statistic is much higher in the event industry. A social strategist wears many hats since there is a lot to handle on social media. They will deal with everything from spearheading social media marketing campaigns, analyzing social metrics, creating and publishing posts, working with marketing agencies as well as handling the social media marketing budget.

It is a top priority that they are conversant with different social media networks but most importantly, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Marketing Strategist

The event industry needs a marketing strategist to analyze data and to come up with ways that can best increase a company’s customer base or promote a product or service. They deal with data such as economic trends, trending advertising methods, population statistics, et al. Research is an integral part of the job including products, services, and the company’s target group.

The duties of the job will vary greatly from one company to another and from one day top another. A marketing strategist also deals with the design or work with the art department to create promotional materials and to manage projects to fit into the allocated budget.

How Do they Work Together

Each of the strategists works to promote an events company to increase their market capitalization. Each has their docket, but when combined, a social strategist will provide data to both the digital and marketing strategists on customer feedback and expectations. A market strategist will work with digital and social strategists to formulate a marketing plan that spans both the traditional and digital marketing spheres. A social strategist, on the other hand, will use information from a digital and marketing strategist to respond to boost the company’s social media presence and work to provide answers to customer queries.

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