There are many great reasons why you should either hold your own networking event or plan on attending a networking event. Here are 7 reasons that you should consider going to the next networking event that you are invited to.

1. Increase your Visibility

In any type of marketing campaign, establishing mind awareness is essential. Going to networking events is an important marketing strategy. These give you the chance to make sure that you get your face and message in front of the right people.

2. Starting Important Relationships

Networking events are a great way to begin relationships that could lead to joint ventures, referrals, or a strategic alliance for your business. You are not going to necessarily walk away from the event with a contract, but what you will walk away with is a number of contacts that could eventually lead to those contracts. Make sure that you follow up with the people that you meet in order to deepen the relationship so that eventually you can increase your bottom line.

3. Staying up with Current Trends

By attending networking events that are given by associations that are related to your target audience, you will be able to get information about what is new in your field. If you hold your own networking event, you can invite those who are relevant in your area so that you will be able to see what the current trend is in your field.

4. Connections with Key Influencers

Instead of visiting every single networking event that is held in your area, be strategic about it. Find out which ones key influencers are attending and make sure that you are there. If there is someone in your industry that you want to meet, finding out which networking events they will be at is a great way to eventually get introduced.

5. Motivation

At most networking events there are going to be powerful motivational speakers. Even if you do not meet anyone at the event, you will still come away with something from the event. These experts will teach you more about the fields that you are interested in. Often times, these speakers will give you the boost that you need to take action.

6. Finding Solutions to Problems

While most people think a networking event is only for pursuing business, this is really not the case. These events are great for helping you solve some of the problems that you may be having with your business. This is a great place to find salespeople, accountants, printers, or other people/things that you currently may need for your business.

7. Socialize

Perhaps the most important reason to attend these events is the most simple, to socialize. With social media and technology making it easier to connect without meeting face to face, many people fail to realize how important face to face interaction really is. Take the time to socialize at these events so that you can recharge, regroup, and learn more about the business.

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