The event industry is one of the most competitive niche industries in the business world where established and experienced entrepreneurs take the lion’s share of the billions of dollars made each year. Statistics show that 70.8% of clients with upcoming events would rather use an event professional with experience, preferably those recommended to them by.. read more →

Marketing is misconstrued to be the turf of extroverts; however, introverts harbor similar skills such as critical thinking, analytical skills, excellent relationship building techniques et al. just like their extrovert counterparts. They require more energy to use them, and this makes it harder for them to get out into the world and market themselves and.. read more →

Online networking is easier than conventional outreach programs. It is simply more convenient and also efficient because of real time correspondences. The various online networking events make the quest more certain of accomplishing the objectives. However, online networking has its own challenges. What used to be niches have become common platforms. Anyone can embark on.. read more →

For extroverts the idea of a large get-together is an exciting one. Whether the group is meeting because of work or because of hanging out with friends, getting to spend time with others in a social situation is something that extroverts thrive on. For introverts though the opposite is true. The thought of speaking up,.. read more →

In the business world, the best and fastest way to meet new people is through networking. Networking is all about meeting people and finding potential connections and contacts. Understanding the ins and outs of building new relationships through networking is essential to anyone that hopes to push their business forward. However, to make the most.. read more →

The simple answer is YES. Fun can help build relationships. It could help your personal and professional relationships, as well as your social relationships. When we think of relationships, we inevitably start to focus on the serious issues. From trust to loyalty, mutual benefit to interdependence or even codependency, everything gets talked about but fun… read more →

Gamification is being used in myriad ways. The armed forces of the United States have started using gamification in its training, simulation and recreation programs. Businesses of all sizes and in myriad industries are using gamification to increase brand awareness, to enhance customer engagement and to even retain more clients. The utility of gamification is.. read more →

Many people would agree that the most difficult part of going to an event is being able to introduce yourself to a room full of strangers. Even if you are the most social person in the room, it can be a daunting task. Knowing all of the key tips and tricks necessary to make yourself.. read more →

There are many great reasons why you should either hold your own networking event or plan on attending a networking event. Here are 7 reasons that you should consider going to the next networking event that you are invited to. 1. Increase your Visibility In any type of marketing campaign, establishing mind awareness is essential… read more →

Are you new to networking? Are you terrified of entering a room of strangers by yourself and striking up a conversation? If the thought of networking is something that is really scary to you, there are several things that you should consider. First, nearly 80% of all jobs are found through some type of networking… read more →