We have taken most technological perks for granted. From slideshows to audiovisual or multimedia content, from convenient email service providers to social media, EVERYTHING HAS BECOME SO EMBEDDED IN OUR DAILY LIVES THAT THEY DON’T APPEAR TO BE VALUABLE. They are part of the mundane. In the process, we have started using those tools that changed the world not very long ago in the most boring manner. Video which is essentially the most effective form of communication has become so bland that most audiences just kill their time when the videos play at an event.

You can use a video to showcase a memorable brand journey and you can have video introducing certain keynote speakers or just highlighting the accomplishments of those who would be addressing the audience. But there is much more that you can do with video, as a creative form of communication.

  • You can use video to bring together speakers from across the country or the world to be at your event. You don’t need every speaker to be on stage. You don’t have to tell your audience that your special guest or the most precious guest could not show up because a flight got cancelled. You can save money while setting up the event and yet have more than what you wanted to offer to your audience. Host video conference, use video calling and have multiple parties on screens set up on the stage. Make it a grand affair. Why should only movies or major brands get to use large canvases like the comic con or massive tech shows?
  • You should use video as a form of sharing content. Let us presume a scenario where you show a video to the audience. Don’t stop at that. Share the video instantly on social media, on your website, host it on video sharing websites and if you have an app then share the video with those who have the app. Immediately, you would have your audience, who in all likelihood are still online and partly busy on their phones, will get an interactive platform as the event proceeds.
  • Try to use videos as much as possible but to highlight conventional contents. Why speak of a study or approval from some customers when you can have clients or consumers speaking highly of your products or services on camera. You can have people on video sharing their opinions, responding to surveys and offering feedback. Instead of a speaker belting out facts and the audience staring at the stage, let the audience check out the videos while the speaker just concludes with the facts and findings.


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