Let us set the stage. You are organizing an event, whatever be the primary and eventual objectives. You have invited some guests and you have some attendees who have assured their presence. When you have the guests arriving at the venue and they are seated or congregated at a place, how would you connect with the audience or more importantly, how would you get them to connect with you, your products or services and your brand?

That brings us to a simple question. Why should anyone care about your company, product or service, your event and whatever else that you are doing? People care when the products and services they purchase or sign up for change their lives, help them in some way or offer an experience that they are satiated with. Only then would your brand be loved by the customers. Whether you are dealing with business people or consumers, you must be able to conceive a memorable brand journey.

Now, while hosting an event, you should have a memorable brand journey that your attendees, customers or clients must be taken through. It could be a video, a slideshow, it may include some stalls and models or artwork showcasing the journey and it can be any other form or format that you feel comfortable with.

The bottom line is that you should have a memorable brand journey for the customers and attendees.

  • A memorable brand journey is very significant because it sets the mood. You have to engross your audience. There are many ways to do so and brand journey is one effective strategy. When you showcase your past, highlight the glories, even depict the failures and then expose how your brand rose like a phoenix, there can an immediate connect. Some people will be nostalgic. Some people will find it inspiring. Some people will find your brand credible while some would begin to trust that your products or services are reliable. There may be different reactions in the audience but the fact that they would connect is the most important takeaway.
  • A memorable brand journey is a marketing strategy. It is not only to engross the audience or to make them believe in you but also to show that you are superior to your competing brands. You should showcase your brand as the undisputed authority in terms quality, diversity and pricing if that is the case.

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