Many basic marketing principles have changed in the past decade, moving from a direct advertisement to a social network reference angle. Changing with advancement of technology, it has never been more crucial to build up a community around your upcoming event. Below are some ways that other companies in the event industry have created buzz and sold more tickets through building an event community.

How You Can Build A More Engaged Community

An event community is a proven way that business can create high-return marketing at low-cost. However, it requires some work and a different perspective on event marketing techniques. The first thing you should focus on is the engagement vehicle for how you will target your ideal ticket buyers. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are perfect examples of places where you can empower and leverage people to spread your message for you.

Begin by posting about the event and leading the conversation. While providing information for ticket sales, make your posts more about providing useful information instead of getting people to buy. Put in updates when you get responses and have a team of 6 to 9 people ready and willing to comment favorably to what you are doing. As always be helpful, and do not come across as simply trying to sell something.

Selling More Tickets

An event community will start out small and gradually grow as the event comes closer and closer. With every additional person visiting your social media site, more then a dozen more will see your message and possibly look for themselves. When relying on others to spread your message, it is important to remember that when something is awesome, people will share it. People rarely do not share things they like, and you have to trust in others to tell their friend networks about you.

Comments that are left by users are probably your best source of endorsements out there. Given that Millenials are increasingly likely to focus on what their peer group has to say about something more then direct marketing, getting people within their circles on your side means having the very best source of promotional material out there. From here, marketing through building an event community will grow exponentially, increasing in size until the date of the event. While every event may require its own social media campaign, the added boost to ticket sales more then makes up for the relatively low cost and time involved.

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