Tragedies have united and separated people since time immemorial. Manmade or natural, tragedies are always devastating. The magnitude of devastation may vary. The modern world is plagued more with manmade tragedies than natural. More people die on the roads than in floods and more innocent people die in terrorist attacks than in wars. At a.. read more →

Have you attended any of the Game of Thrones concerts featuring its composer Ramin Djawadi, perhaps in Portland or Chicago or in Vancouver? Ramin Djawadi is one of the finest music composers of the era and yet he uses footage from the show and also live props to engage the audience. The compositions of Djawadi.. read more →

Have you ever scrolled through your Facebook feed or Instagram and seen one of your friends liking and sharing a post? All the time right? Think again, have any of those posts been about a brand, an experience at a party or a competition to win something? Now you are thinking yes and now you.. read more →

Are you really in competition with anyone else – and does business have to be conducted that way? Something that a lot of otherwise really smart and really savvy event industry professionals have trouble with is believing that they are in direct competition with other event industry professionals, that there is some kind of zero-sum.. read more →

Not all of us are eccentrics, so it makes much sense that we become sociable in other ways. Being approachable and the first encounter with strangers can be a life –changing moment. The business or personal success for most people could be attributed to the sheer power of connection.Here, then, are 7 ways to make.. read more →

The fear of missing out is a recent phenomenon that is described as the feeling of insecurity and envy that you experience essentially when you others having a good time without you. This can present itself as one of your good friends seeing your favorite band in concert while you’re stuck at home or perhaps.. read more →

The online community is growing and it is estimated that the global internet using population will more than double in the next few years as underdeveloped nations connect more people via wired and wireless internet. Not focusing on the online community is a mistake millions of companies around the world had made for a few.. read more →

Community, collaboration and coordination are at the crux of most events. For an event to be a grand success there must be an efficient community working on effective collaboration and coordination. However, the three are not synonymous. They are related and may even be used in the same context but there are technical and functional.. read more →

Online communities are significant assets and companies must use them for various purposes, including promotions. Online outreach, including footprint on social networks and social media, have proven to be very useful and rather consequential. Companies that have phenomenal following online can launch flash sales and run out of stock in a matter of hours. Numerous.. read more →

Many basic marketing principles have changed in the past decade, moving from a direct advertisement to a social network reference angle. Changing with advancement of technology, it has never been more crucial to build up a community around your upcoming event. Below are some ways that other companies in the event industry have created buzz.. read more →