VLOG ALERT: #vlog6 But first, let me take a selfie ft. First Steps | EventsUncoveredVlog

I was invited and sponsored by First Steps to attend their very first event on Tuesday the 1st November at the Digital Catapult Centre.

They had 6 phenomenal speakers who did a great job at informing, engaging, guiding and exciting the next weave of event professionals.
The facilitator for the evening was Simon Burton, who totally ‘got’ the audience and made the event run smoothly while having fun! BTW, selfie time was priceless!

Special thanks to Digital Catapult Centre for having us. The venue and the views from the top are cool!

So, who organised this pretty impressive event? No need for too many words as they already know I respect them and love them to bits. Thank you to the First Steps team: Elena, Caitlin and Priya.

What did you miss? Watch here: (It’s less than 5 minutes long)

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