Described best as a creative technologist, Ru, Gavin & their team at FatUnicorn are a group of experiential guru’s & digital social integration experts. In their careers they have been involved with lighting up the empire state building with tweets to developing multi touch point events customisable interactive for the Super Bowl to building giant.. read more →

James Morgan PhD CSEP has been marketing and producing events since 1989. He is the Founder of Event Tech Lab, a partnership community for event technology start-ups, developers, event professionals and investors and the founder of the crowdsourcing platform SharedXP. He sits on the Education Council of ILEA, he is the Chair of the International Special.. read more →

Adam is the editor of Event Industry News. Started in 2007, Event Industry News is a leading worldwide online news portal for event professionals, covering topics such as festival production, event management, event technology and trends within the industry. Adam is also co-founder of The Event Technology Awards and Event Tech Live two events dedicated.. read more →

01 Sep
September 1,

〔Episode 165〕How are technology and engagement connected? -Julius Solaris

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Julius is the editor of Started in 2007, is a popular blog worldwide for event professionals, covering topics such as event planning, social media and events, event technology, event trends. Julius is also the CEO of a premium event WordPress theme shop with thousands of customers around the world.Julius is the author.. read more →

Joe Colangelo is the co-founder and CEO of Bear Analytics, a strategic analysis firm focused on delivering solutions to nonprofits, associations and societies by harnessing the power of their data. Joe was formerly the principle strategist behind the strategic development of BIO’s One-on-One Partnering System, a web-based SaaS platform focused on providing biotech and pharma.. read more →

11 Aug
August 11,

〔Episode 159〕How can technology enhance the event experience? -James Wood

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James Wood heads up Earnest Labs, the innovation of Award winning B2B agency Earnest. Event Wallet is the first product to come out of labs, looking to change the way content is discovered, collected and shared at events and exhibitions. James has shared his knowledge on how technology can enhance the event experience, benefits to.. read more →

Meara Razon Ashtivker is the COO at Boomset. She focuses her time on strategizing and making connections to further the success of Boomset. After almost 6 years of planning hundreds of events, Meara is excited to be working on the other side of events, implementing this innovative suite of services to assist event professionals around the globe… read more →

In addition to leading insightXM, Leonora’s passion spills over to all things startup. She is on the Operations Board of Yale Entrepreneurial Institute, is helping to drive Ms. Tech in the NY region, is on the ASTIA Screening Board and is an Angel investor in Glisser, a very cool speaker presentation app. Leonora shared her.. read more →

Steph Pfeilsticker is an award-winning innovator with more than 17 years of event industry experience. She founded Hybrid Events Authority, LLC to share her hybrid meeting expertise with organizations seeking powerful results as a result of adding a virtual extension to their meetings. Steph has shared her knowledge on how to monetize hybrid events, why.. read more →

23 Jun
June 23,

〔Episode 145〕What is a data strategy? -Chett Rubenstein

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As CTO and Co-founder, Chett is leading the development of insightXM’s platform, incorporating data science to aggregate, enrich and analyze audience data to inform experiential marketers. A serial entrepreneur, who simply cannot accept the status quo, Chett has led the development and commercialization of technology solutions across several industries. An early adopter of emerging technologies.. read more →