On Tuesday the 27th of October, between 9am-11am at the Bloomsbury Ballroom, we hosted the Connecttribes launch!

A great group of event experts joined me in this new concept of #matchmeetings.

We had event professionals from venues, tech, start ups, planning agencies and media! We also collaborated with ThinkWall, and Ehsan explained the Twitter wall, while tweets and images were displayed on screen.

Matchmeetings? Well, have you heard of speed dating, speed networking or match making?

It’s somehow along those lines, so why didn’t we just call it that? Cause CONNECTTRIBES is much more.

We don’t just put together a bunch of experts and let them ‘quickly’ get on with it. I mean, who has time to be away from the office and talk to random people? That’s why, Connecttribes is a matchmeetings service.

You get in touch, you become our client, you give us a list of event experts you would like to connect with..and we do the rest.

A week before Connectribes, you will receive the attendee list, giving you time to prepare.

On the day, we will offer 2 services. When you enter the venue, which will be different every time, Connectribes team will introduce you to whoever you like, giving you the opportunity to kickstart some conversations.

Then, once the horn honks, you will be seated and at every honk you will swap around. You will chat for 10 minutes and then move on, giving you the chance to meet the people on your list and many other interesting experts who have been chosen by other clients. You, as a client, won’t have any competition.

Why am I keep saying ‘WE’..yes we as a team and we as Jason Allan Scott and I. We have come up with…well everything.

Sounds good?

Where, when and how?

Where: there will be a different venue each time

When: there will only be 5 connecttribes a year. Starting in 2016.

How: to become our client, for opportunities to collaborate and sponsor us, get in touch via email at:

Check our website: http://connecttribes.com/


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