One of the fundamental pillars of a successful event is in getting sponsors for an event. Many event organizers, find getting a sponsor an arduous task, but it does not have to be. You may have used age-old processes of cold calling/emailing potential prospects, but such methods lack creativity. Sponsors are looking to get their.. read more →

Are you really in competition with anyone else – and does business have to be conducted that way? Something that a lot of otherwise really smart and really savvy event industry professionals have trouble with is believing that they are in direct competition with other event industry professionals, that there is some kind of zero-sum.. read more →

Content co-creation is the practice of developing any kind of textual, audio, visual or audiovisual material through collaboration of more than one party. A company can co-create content with the help of freelance writers, marketing firms, scholars or industry experts and using the information available in public domain as well as proprietary information that they.. read more →

The use of the internet has ushered in an age where people in different areas of the globe can collaborate and tap into a broad range of expertise from different people from across the globe. International collaborations lessen the burden of having in-house professionals who provide you with the necessary support structure for your events.. read more →

Community, collaboration and coordination are at the crux of most events. For an event to be a grand success there must be an efficient community working on effective collaboration and coordination. However, the three are not synonymous. They are related and may even be used in the same context but there are technical and functional.. read more →

The idea of building collaborative communities has been floating around for almost a century now and it has been put to practice in myriad ways. One of the first manifestations of building collaborative communities was the United Nations, which of course came into existence after the wars, but it did serve a great purpose and.. read more →

Collaboration and collective impact may appear to be the same, in concept and implication, but they are not. There is a huge difference between collaboration and collective impact. Before we begin discussing the difference, let us factor in a few caveats. Both collaboration and collective impact can coexist. They can be the same thing if.. read more →

Interactivity is often confused with co-creation. In most industries, co-creation is rather prized because of the perceived value of the outcome or the product. Companies cutting across industries have realized the benefit of multiple parties coming together to jointly or collectively create a product that is more valuable than what any one department would have.. read more →

All major brands fight it out in the open. If Nike gets the next Wimbledon champion then Adidas might eye the next US Open champion. If Apple is eyeing the next big thing in augmented reality then Samsung is also trying to outdo its American competitor. The truth is that companies operating in the same.. read more →

If you think of the most successful events across the world then you would come up with a list of the comic cons, the major industrial tradeshows, the music festivals or the likes of sunburns and public events that bring together people from various walks of life. If you think of these events, then you.. read more →