Brand loyalty is elusive for most companies. Those who manage to succeed become juggernauts. You can think of all major brands around the world and they enjoy an amazing emotional connect. Talk about the flaws of an iPhone and Apple fans will aggressively defend the device. Talk about how a Galaxy is inferior to its competition and Samsung fans will highlight the advantages. The same can be said about telecom brands, fashion brands and major shoemakers. From sports teams to the cars we drive, everything is about an emotional connection. You may be interested in buying something once if you are too excited with the deal or the discount. You would only keep buying it if you have that emotional connection.

Here is how you can establish an emotional connection with your customers.

  • A company needs to understand what entices the audience. There are certain expectations of people, not all of which need to be delivered upon. Some expectations are purely technical. Some are experiential, some could be financial and some may be aesthetics or cosmetic. An emotional connection can pertain to one or more of these elements. There are many brands that make cheap goods and it is the price that makes them a favourite for millions. There are brands that make super expensive goods and their luxury or finesse and obvious elite attributes make them popular among a certain target audience. Knowing what the customers would hold dear is the first step to establishing an emotional connection. For without being aware of the exact reason or need, you cannot really deliver.
  • Once you know what matters to the customer or what the most important expectation is, you should deliver it time and again. In the process, you must also iterate and reiterate how important the customers are for your company. When customers are treated like numbers or stats, they would not share the emotional connect with the particular brand. There is a reason why advertisements or commercials aim to hit the heart or the mind of the audience. Touching either chord will get things done.
  • Experience is everything. Whether it is at the time of buying or using a product, typical customer service or grievance management, the experience of the customer has to be impeccable. Only then would the customer have fond memories and that will further strengthen the emotional connect. Tangible or materialistic memories are weaker than experiential memories.

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