The top performing brands in any location are those that can create a lasting impression on the client. Take a brand like Google for example; it is responsible for providing answers and solutions to over 3 billion searches per day. Over 80% of individuals will not have a second thought when choosing a search engine.. read more →

Selfies continue to be cool but they have lost a substantial chunk of the coolness quotient. These days most phenomena get classified as cool or hot and incidentally both tend to imply the same emotional response. The phenomenon of taking a selfie had barely taken some form with the front facing camera in some cell.. read more →

The good old yearbooks and scrapbooks had friends writing what they feel about you, if they like you or not, what they want for you and essentially the nature of their association with you expressed in a few words. Some people did lie and mislead with what they wrote. Most were honest though. Social media.. read more →

Unless you know who you are, there is no way you are going to be authentic. The catchphrase ‘be your authentic self’ has been bandied for some time now. Steve Jobs threw the spanner into the works and the world noted. If for example you are a woman in business, you have to be authentic.. read more →

Ask a room full of experts to give you the key of growing your business, and you’re likely to get a number of different answers. One answer you are likely to hear at least a few times will be authenticity. Many believe that when it comes to growing your business profoundly and effectively, you need.. read more →

Creating a knowledge base may seem like a scary prospect. How do you gather everything that your customers want to know about your products or services, and put it in a format that’s useable and efficient? But a thoughtful knowledge base creation process can be a worthwhile exercise—even if you fill in the blanks gradually.. read more →

Personal branding is not the same as branding a company, product, service or a trademark. Personal branding is extremely focused on one individual, it is completely depended on the individual and his or her characteristics, it is not always about the rest of the company, the company and the individual are the same entity and.. read more →

Personal branding is becoming extremely crucial for every business. It doesn’t matter if a company is in its startup phase or has a thirty year old history. A company may be doing well or it may be struggling, it may have a substantial consumer base or it may be working towards gaining some traction and.. read more →

Let us set the stage. You are organizing an event, whatever be the primary and eventual objectives. You have invited some guests and you have some attendees who have assured their presence. When you have the guests arriving at the venue and they are seated or congregated at a place, how would you connect with.. read more →

Brand loyalty is elusive for most companies. Those who manage to succeed become juggernauts. You can think of all major brands around the world and they enjoy an amazing emotional connect. Talk about the flaws of an iPhone and Apple fans will aggressively defend the device. Talk about how a Galaxy is inferior to its.. read more →