In today’s business environment, it’s becoming harder and harder to innovate. While there are always going to be those that dramatically revolutionize the products available in the marketplace, the most important way to really make a profit is to take a time-tested product to sell, and simply market it to your customers in an unorthodox way. Whether your business is old or new, it’s time to re-think how you’re engaging prospective leads and current clients.

Use Social Media

The easiest and most obvious way to engage customers is by using social media. Virtually everyone has a Facebook or Instagram, so if your business lacks a social media presence, it’s going to really fall behind in terms of staying in touch with clients. Use social media to monitor the spending and “like” habits of your customers as well. Social media is unique in that it’s one of the only platforms where you can almost read people’s minds because they volunteer the things they like or places they visit. This is a great way to gather unique demographical data on your customers so you can build future advertisement campaigns around the data you gather as a result.

Also, if a customer has a complaint or issue, it really makes a great impression when you reach out with social media. People like when the company as a whole takes the time to consider their problem. Keep this in mind the next time things don’t go as planned with a particular customer.

Use SMS Communication To Your Advantage

Oftentimes people think of SMS as spammy and annoying, but nowadays, very few businesses effectively make use of it. While SMS can most certainly come off as annoying, there is a way to utilize it to your advantage. SMS is great because if you already have cell phone numbers from customers, you automatically have a huge pool from which you can message and communicate. SMS messaging gives you the luxury of writing a message that is as long as you want, and again, the modern media environment makes it a very efficient way to get an immediate response. Just about everyone has a cell phone nowadays, so if you reach out to somehow via text, you can bet they’re going to respond almost immediately. You can also use this to reduce the amount of e-mails you send out. SMS response rates are far better than e-mail, so consider swapping e-mail communications for pure SMS messaging.

Regardless of which method you choose to incorporate both can have dramatic results on your communication with customers and how they perceive you as an organization.

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