Members agree that their association is important and because their association is so important they want the association to be even better. But what is better for your association? Is it developing strategies to attract new members, improving the conference, creating new products and services, focus on onboarding, increasing member engagement or getting members’ attention with just the right marketing stories? Do you have a nagging feel the association could be doing more for members and you wonder where to start? Amanda Kaiser is a qualitative member researcher. She has conducted 301 member interviews and counting. Through these interviews she helps associations understand their members’ goals, challenges, opinions, fears, and hopes. These insights become the building blocks of member-focused and future-focused strategy, innovation and marketing plans. Amanda also writes a three-times weekly blog for association professionals. Amanda has shared her knowledge on what one overlooked and underutilized conference tactic is, first impressions, reception/registration area, surprising your audience and ‘tour guides’.

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