Marie Lacey has over 13 years’ event experience across a variety of sectors and delivered a multitude of events, from product launches, large conferences both in the UK and overseas. Currently, an account manager at drp, Marie works to support some of drps’ key financial sector clients on their full service of their live events. In addition to this position Marie has also spent the past 18 months working to make drp an industry leader in crisis management. She has fully immersed herself into researching and reviewing crisis management within the events industry. Marie has worked alongside consultants and security experts to deliver training sessions and create bespoke processes which are now being rolled out internally at drp. While Marie is knowledgeable of all aspects with the planning and delivering of crisis management. Through these learnings she has also had first-hand experience of many onsite crisis scenarios – most memorably the Icelandic ash cloud of 2010. Marie has shared her knowledge on crisis management, preparing for a crisis, training a team, how to manage media, who to contact, doing a venue research.

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