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On Thursday the 23rd March, I was invited to Smartly Connect, an event with around 100 attendees, at a really cool venue called Bounce.

Little Background:

What’s Smartly?

Smartly is the leading Facebook ad optimization solution for agencies and performance marketers.

What’s Connect?

Connect was organized by Smartly for their clients to share knowledge on Facebook paid advertising. And of course, a great opportunity to learn and connect with their peers.

I loved the mixed and dynamic format of the event including a networking lunch, a main keynote speech, an interview style session, 3 simultaneous workshops, well moderated round table discussions and…drinking beer while playing ping pong.
Although the conversations were a ‘little advanced’ for me, I picked up a couple of tips on Facebook best practices.

Special thanks to the Smartly team and in particular to Richard Makara for inviting me! Oh, and for the cool giveaways.

Want to visit the venue? Here the link to their website!
What did you miss? Watch here: (it’s less than 5 min long)

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