How do people make decisions when it comes to their purchases? This question lies at the heart of marketing. If you can understand how people think, then you can market your products in the best possible way. The vast majority of people will seek out information before making a purchase. Who are people turning to? Who or what is influencing their decision?

We are living during a turning point, when word of mouth is becoming less informative for people then online reviews. For the first time ever, what people are saying about your product/business online will have more influence and sway then what people you know have to think. Lets take a look at the word of mouth verse online reviews and see why it is very important to have the best online presence possible.

Why Online Reviews Are Important

Over 50% of people who purchase something turn to online marketplaces for their information. These marketplaces, like Amazon or Etsy, are ruled by personal reviews. All you have to do is look up a product, and then read the countless reviews at the bottom of the page. From details to stories, every little piece of information relating to the product will be spoken about in some detail.

This wealth of user information is considered to be trustworthy. By making sure you address issues that come up through these marketplaces and working to make your product meet customer expectations, you can keep your comment section very positive. As positive content creates new business, focusing on these online marketplaces can generate the greatest bang for your buck.

The Local Market

If you are a local restaurant or store, then word of mouth is one of the greatest advertisement tools out there. Word of mouth is free advertising when it is good, and can lead to business generating on its own. However, individuals have been turning to a number of online review sites to see what food is like before arriving. Instead of asking friends or family, many people see it as simpler to check their smart phones and read reviews. As a result, it makes more sense to pay attention to how your local business is represented online. By laying out what you offer and reaching out to fix what might be causing negative reviews, you can boost your overall rating and make a name for yourself in your area.

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