With close to a billion individuals viewing YouTube videos on a daily basis, it is imperative that you ought to make videos for your event business’s content marketing plan. YouTube has made many event companies achieve success, being that it is now the second largest search engine in the world after Google.

Consistent uploads of videos of your past and upcoming events and promotions for new events will earn you significant traffic to your site. This coupled with SEO optimized content will get your business on the map and a favorite for the web.

Here are three ways of tracking your YouTube video performance.

Analyze Your Hits

On your YouTube channel, you can be able to monitor the number of views your videos have gained over time. It is the most basic way to keep track of your YouTube performance. Locate the number of views on the right bottom under each video.

You can get the metrics of your videos’ total view count under the YouTube’s analytics panel. Here, YouTube presents you with a graph clearly outlining the views of a video since its publication. You can assess which event video attracted the most views and used the information and the metrics to produce your next videos.

Check Your Video Ratings

Ratings appear directly under the number of views your video has garnered. These are the likes and dislikes and for a more in-depth overview of the ratings, you ought to click on the more tab to get the statistics.

By checking your ratings, you can easily compare the likes and dislikes, favorites as well as comments to know what your audience’s preference. This will also lead you to knowing the kind of approach you should have when creating your video content.

Know your Source of Viewers

Having a clear understanding of how your viewers came to see the video is essential, as you will know where you ought to market the video content to drive viewers to your YouTube Channel. You can get the information from the more tab on your video or the bar sign next to your likes and dislikes according to the version you are using.

You will see the referrals from websites and blogs, social media, views from mobile and websites, and through search engine results. You will be in a state to comprehend where to optimize your video content to gain more views from areas where you are hardly getting significant views.

YouTube for event marketing is a sure way to track the source of your traffic, the kind of video content your viewers, and subscribers like best. You are more likely to have better hits once you have a consistent uploading schedule.

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