Presenting anything in front of an audience of professionals from your field can be quite intimidating. It is totally natural to be nervous before presenting. However, for some people this nervousness can become an anxiety filled with fear. Your heart pounds and you do not know if you can handle it. It is really important to never let it get to this point. There are several steps that you can take in order to eliminate your stage fright and become a skilful presenter for any type of event.

Prepare Yourself

Rushing through your presentation right before you go on stage at an event is a horrible way to get calm. It actually might even be one of the worst things to do as it is likely going to make you more nervous. Instead of rushing through the material quickly like that, make sure that you prepare yourself beforehand. Read the material out loud. You can do this in front of your cat, the mirror, or any type of audience. Speaking out loud will allow you to note any oddities and fix them before you take the stage.

Memorize One Minute

For most people the five minutes before their presentation and the first minute of their presentation are the worst parts. Memorizing the first minute of your presentation can help you get through the worst part of the speech more easily so that you can remain calm throughout the entire presentation.

Prepare Answers

It is likely that you are going to forget some details or that you are not going to cover part of a topic very well and this will lead to some questions. Make sure you are aware of some of the gaps in your presentation and prepare some answers to questions that you think that people may have when you finish.

Remain Calm

The final ten minutes or so before you go on stage are typically the worst part. How you take care of yourself during this time can ensure that you will be relaxed during your performance. Try to distract yourself up until you go on stage. Play a game on your phone, read a book, or converse with your friends or others around you, anything to keep your mind off going on stage. Many people find that a ritual helps keep them calm before a big presentation. Practicing your breathing, taking a short walk, or doing push ups works for some people. Find something that works for you and do it every time. Routines are extremely important as they help clear your mind and get you ready for the task at hand.

Remember, everyone has nervous tendencies so it is important to learn what yours are and work with them. Embrace your habits and make them work for you instead of against you. Learning these presentation skills can be extremely beneficial when it comes to performing on stage at any type of event. Remember, keep calm and you will be able to get through any event you are scheduled for.

How do you prepare yourself before a big presentation?

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