You have probably wondered how people who post videos on YouTube and other video blogging sites make money. Statistics show that there are over 5 billion videos watched on YouTube every day, and the most watched videos get a paycheck from YouTube. Forecasts indicate that by the year 2025, half of the population will not.. read more →

One of the fundamental pillars of a successful event is in getting sponsors for an event. Many event organizers, find getting a sponsor an arduous task, but it does not have to be. You may have used age-old processes of cold calling/emailing potential prospects, but such methods lack creativity. Sponsors are looking to get their.. read more →

Have you attended any of the Game of Thrones concerts featuring its composer Ramin Djawadi, perhaps in Portland or Chicago or in Vancouver? Ramin Djawadi is one of the finest music composers of the era and yet he uses footage from the show and also live props to engage the audience. The compositions of Djawadi.. read more →

Developing universal content is a daunting challenge. Most niches cannot have universal content because the audiences will always have different learning styles. The same automaker comes up with two different advertisements for, say North America and South Asia, because of the vast difference in cultures and sensibilities. Learning styles will vary, so would the emotional.. read more →

Radio, print or newspaper and television have been primary mediums for B2C marketing. Events, tradeshows and various kinds of business seminars or conferences have been preferred mediums for B2B marketing. There has always been a sharp contrast between B2B and B2C marketing. Consumers required a different approach and companies obliged. Business executives, managers and owners.. read more →

While most invitations these days are sent out digitally or the notifications are issued on public forums like online social and professional networks, the conventional route of sending out mails is still in practice. There are many investors, chief executives and even professionals who would still want to receive direct mails and not emails or.. read more →

Quantifying the total room demand for a convention cannot be speculation or even an educated guess. It has to be as precise as it can be. The only way to be precise or accurate is to invest in substantial and relevant research. One way of quantifying a convention’s total room demand is to assess the.. read more →

Presenting anything in front of an audience of professionals from your field can be quite intimidating. It is totally natural to be nervous before presenting. However, for some people this nervousness can become an anxiety filled with fear. Your heart pounds and you do not know if you can handle it. It is really important.. read more →

How Do You Convince Companies To Sponsor Your Special Event? Professionals at corporations sponsor for a number of reasons. • Marketing: They might sponsor an event because it looks good for publicity, or because it’s a marketing stunt. • Revenue: Some companies sponsor because it’s good for business. • Employee Involvement: They could sponsor it.. read more →