Find the motivation can be difficult at times, often we find ourselves in ruts or facing difficult times. There are many varying opinions as to what motivates you, mainly because we are all motivated by different things. No two people will be motivated in exactly the same manner but try some of these handy tips and see if they can evoke some passion for you.

Find your work / life balance

All too often we put all the emphasis on working, on average we spend 40 hours a week at work and not everyone enjoys their field of work. That’s a lot of time spent on something you don’t enjoy, so it’s not difficult to see why the motivation falls short there. It’s important to find the things you and enjoy and do them too.

Have a plan

Writing down your goals and how you plan to achieve them can be a great step in seeking the motivation you need. Banks for example introduced savings goals, telling customers when they complete their goal or if they are behind. This kind of monitoring can really help you step things up.

Morning routine

Many famous and successful people find a good morning routine key. Some get up as early as 4am to start their day with a work out, breakfast and coffee. By then they have already had some ‘them’ time and will already be motivated for the day. Others will wake up to answer emails or read the paper over coffee.

Finish jobs

If you have unfinished tasks, finish them, set a goal to finish all the tasks you have left so you can move on to others. You will find it satisfying and give you a boost, pushing you to accomplish more.

Don’t compare yourself to others

Being competitive is one thing, it helps you motivate you and spurs you on to do better but comparing yourself to someone else is a different ball game. You are you, you have your own ways of doing things and that’s fine. Zone in on your skills and what makes you tick.

Go outside of your comfort zone

Pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone will help boost your motivation, don’t hold back.

Improve your sleep

Try cutting TV out of your routine an hour before bed and technology in general. Swap it for reading a motivating book or something you enjoy. You will find you will drop off to sleep quicker.

Take breaks

Don’t forget to take regular breaks when you working, whether it’s a physical project or a virtual project. Take a couple of minutes to look away from your screen or take a sip of water. Schedule a lunch break.

Look back

Often looking back on previous successes can help boost motivation. Ignore negative events they won’t help you now, focus on the good things and only use negative aspects if you want to build on them and improve.


Even just going out for a walk can boost your cardio and get your adrenaline pumping.

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