In August , Poptop conducted a survey of 1000 UK residents to uncover the best and worst of office Christmas parties, and how to make your office do the best Christmas party, ever!

Of the 1000 people surveyed, 72% were employed full time, 17% part-time, and 11% were self-employed; just over 50% attended a work-related Christmas party in 2014, and 75% of those attendees enjoyed the parties they went to. However, 15% really didn’t enjoy the parties they attended, citing venue choice, the entertainment, and the behaviour of other attendees as reasons for their displeasure.

The right venue came out as the most important factor for the success of the office Christmas party, with only 8% of respondents happy to have the annual do in the workplace. Everyone else wanted either a dedicated venue or a shared Christmas party, bringing together other teams and small businesses in a larger space. If you’re in charge of the next Christmas party, the most popular suggestions for improving this year’s festivities were:

  • Start planning early to make sure you get a great venue
  • If the budget is restricted, schedule the party for early December or even in January
  • Let people suggest and vote for venue and entertainment options
  • Provide a realistic budget for quality entertainment
  • Ditch the dress code for a more relaxed atmosphere
  • Provide transport to and from the venue, if it’s difficult to get to
  • Ban the bosses, so people can really relax and enjoy themselves
  • Make activities and venue appropriate for non-drinkers
  • Consider limiting the amount of alcohol available
  • If your team is small, consider joining a shared Christmas party
  • Try to avoid talking about work, work, work
  • Get the company to cover as much of the cost as possible

Finally, if you’re looking for some great entertainment options, the top 5 choices for our respondents were:

  • Live band (43%)
  • DJ (35%)
  • Comedian(30%)
  • Photobooth (16%)
  • Cocktail Making (16%)



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