The first dance is a feature of several traditions, not just weddings. A first dance is typically an opening of a particular dance function, e.g., prom, ball, wedding, etc.

The First Dance At A Wedding

The “first dance” of newlyweds is an important feature of several wedding celebrations in America and Europe. It is similar to the traditional ball, where the concept is that the newlywed couple – because they are the special guests at a dance, start off the dancing – not that they do a choreographed dance for the audience. First dances are meant to open up the floor for dancing to all the guests, and they are inappropriate if no dancing is scheduled for the wedding guests. In some cases, to highlight the basic gender roles of daughter-father relationships in weddings (sort of like ‘giving away) the father of the bride and his daughter might have a dance either as the opening dance or directly after the newlywed one.

It used to be that the first dance was a waltz. Right now, ballroom dancing isn’t really a well known skill, and doing rehearsals for the “first dance” has become a very profitable income source for dance instructors and dance studios. There are more popular dances today than there were in the past, e.g. swing, merengue, and the foxtrot. Sometimes, couples will opt for an easy “slow dance”. In more modern times, some newlywed couples have been seen to introduce a unique twist into their dance to humor the audience, e.g., dancing to a techno or disco song.

What Is So Important About The First Dance?

The first dance is the essence of love and romance, and it is meaningful both for the newlywed couple and the audience. When you’re the center of attention, it can be a little bit intimidating, but the happy memories that you have will be remembered for a lifetime. So, get over your fear and participate in the most essential wedding tradition. This traditional ritual is still fun and warm.

What Is The First Dance Like?

The lights go down, and the audience surrounds the dance floor as you and your bride go onto the dance floor for your first dance. The music begins to play, and you both glide together along with the music, a symbol of how are both now together as one. This is a big moment for you both, and your guests are also feeling some really deep feelings as they see you two out dancing on the dance floor. It is a big occasion for everyone in the audience, and the first dance is the start of your celebration and should be savored and enjoyed.

What Are Traditional First Dance Songs?

Even though the first dance was traditionally a waltz, the first dance has currently expanded to a number of different dance styles. There a ton of popular first dance songs like “Unforgettable”, “Can You Feel The Love Tonight?”, and “At Last”.

Did you or will you have a first dance? What song was/ will it be?



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