Pressure, rivalries between colleagues, gossiping, lying, missing deadlines, accusations, humiliation… Do you have the feeling that you are about to explode? Does all of this sound familiar to you? Working in the event planning industry can be very stressful but there are ways that can help you cope with stress at work. Smile everyday You.. read more →

Got a busy day coming up? Maybe your To-Do List is out of control this week. Studies have shown that MUSIC is a great way to increase concentration, focus, and productivity. There are a few types of music that this works best with, but most importantly, it has to be music that YOU like! That’s.. read more →

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and event planners everywhere are working hard to make sure that they have the best event in the area planned. Here are a few ideas to get your wheels turning when creating your Valentine’s Day event! Dance lessons There are few things more romantic than ballroom dancing. Hire a pro.. read more →

The quote by John Denver that people everywhere are the same in heart and spirit perhaps is the best caption on why music connects people. There is something about music. It stirs some emotions in us. It has a universal appeal. Hearts and minds are in harmony when there is a tune or a song.. read more →

01 Aug 2016
August 1, 2016

4 steps to shift from being stressed to being energized!

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Everyone suffers from stress. Right from a kid in middle school to a senior citizen, everyone is stressed. The only differences are the exact causes, the nature or severity of the stress and how they cope with it. Some people are more stressed than others but that doesn’t imply they are more severely stressed. Many.. read more →

This is great short interview with Michael Owen. I listened in on Micheal’s presentation at the Campfire as I wanted to learn more about music licensing at events. Did you know? If you are playing a CD, a digital download or streaming music, in you home you do not require a fee. However, bare in mind.. read more →

Silent discos, silent auctions, and silent seminars are all unique ways of experiencing regular activities. It will give your guests a brand new way to focus on the materials that you’re providing and to even make it easier to transform a regular event into something that no one has ever seen before. There are a.. read more →

13 May
May 13,

How To Organize A Flash Mob

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Practically everyone knows what a flash mob is. Simply put, a flash mob is a seemingly spontaneous creative act that is carried out by a group. The great thing about flash mobs are how versatile they are. You can have tons and tons of people, or a very small crowd that performs the actions everyone.. read more →

05 Sep 2014
September 5, 2014

Booking Dancing For A Special Event

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Booking entertainment for corporate events is essential to everyone having a good experience – but booking the wrong entertainment can sour everyone at the event. Booking dancers and dance acts for your events has to be done with careful consideration. Following are some tips for booking dancing at a special event. A lot of the.. read more →

The first dance is a feature of several traditions, not just weddings. A first dance is typically an opening of a particular dance function, e.g., prom, ball, wedding, etc. The First Dance At A Wedding The “first dance” of newlyweds is an important feature of several wedding celebrations in America and Europe. It is similar.. read more →