Companies and individuals are using video interviews at some point in their hiring process, and it is not just for job interviews. Over 60% of event professionals attest to having been part of a video interview either to hire talent for their company, with a potential client or to promote their business by sharing their experts’ knowledge.
There are two types of video interviews one-way interviews where the candidate answers a predetermined number of questions with a set time limit for each question and two-way interviews where both the interviewer and the interviewee converse using video calling apps a good example being Skype.
In this guide, we review 10 of the best tips to help you ace a video interview.

Calm Your Nerves

Before an interview, it is natural to get nervous, and that can cost you the client. Get settled at least 30 minutes before the interview is due to start. Use this time to familiarize yourself with the camera, going through your notes and ensuring that you have answers to every possible question.


In many video interviews, it works best to have a light background. Ensure that it is clean and free of distractions like a barking dog, crying baby, loud music, et al.


To ace your interview, the client must make out the features of your face. Natural light is good for video interviews. Set up your camera in front of a window and do the interview facing the window. If you are in a room at night, ensure that there is a light in front of you to illuminate your face.

Dress Appropriately

Dress professionally from head to toe to show that you are serious about the interview. Consider the background and choose the color of your attire appropriately. Light clothes are best if your background is dark and vice versa.


Sit in a comfortable chair upright, with your back straight. Ensure to adjust your seat in a way that you are not too high or low in the camera frame. Find the balance between leaning forward and leaning back and you are safe to proceed with the interview.

Practice Your Answers

In many occasions, you find that clients will have similar questions about your experience in the events industry. Take time preferably an hour before the interview and brush up on your answers.


When you sit down for the interview, whether one-way or two-way interviews, the time it takes to respond to a question should be of concern. You do not want to take a long time to give your answers; the prospective client might think you do not understand the subject matter. Practice your answers in advance and do your research to provide short and precise answers.

Avoid Jargon

It is tempting to use a lot of industry jargon when with a client. This throws off your potential client who does not understand the jargon in the events industry. When giving your answers, use the STAR model that is, Situation, Task, Action, and Results. The model provides structure to your answers.

Look At the Lens

Eye contact is as critical in a video interview as much as it is important in a personal interview. Always look at the webcam, to avoid looking unprofessional. Move the screen that shows the face of the person you are speaking to as close as possible to the webcam.


Smile during your video interview to show that you are a pleasant person to work with and that you have good social awareness, and you have confidence in yourself. Over doing it will make you look too eager to please or nervous, which might cost you valuable points no matter how good you are.

In conclusion, you ought to expect the traditional questions such as your strengths and weaknesses et al. Research answers to common questions about yourself and the events industry to be on the safe side and ace the interview.

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