Going stag to an event can mean leaving behind your whole support system. How in the world do people do this regularly? For most people the thought of going to an event or party without someone there that they already know is terrifying. Read on for a few hints to survive this ordeal.

Dress appropriately

There are few things more embarrassing than showing up to party and completely missing the dress code. When in doubt ask the host what is appropriate to wear.

Ask for introductions

You must know at least one person at the party or you wouldn’t have been able to snag an invite. Ask them to introduce you to someone else!

Don’t drink too much

It’s easy to drink when you’re nervous, but then you’ll only end up drinking too much. Limit yourself to a glass of wine or beer to relax, and then don’t make a fool of yourself.

Prepare an icebreaker

Maybe something funny happened at work or you heard some interesting news on the radio. Having something interesting to talk about is an easy way to make sure you actually speak up.

Hang by the food or drinks

This is where the people will go. You can find someone to talk to about the food if you’re standing over there. A simple “this shrimp is amazing!” can open the door to more conversation.

Bare it all

An embarrassing or personal story can instantly make you more likeable – but only if the topic and tone of the conversation calls for it. Don’t share something you’ll regret (this is yet another reason to not drink too much!).

Help the host

The host or hostess is probably swamped with things to do and would love some help. You instantly become more visible to everyone else when you’re involved in the food or drink.


Standing in the corner and staring at people is creepy and scary. Smiling makes you a lot more approachable.

Find your comfort zone

The middle of the room in the huge group might be a little overwhelming. Find somewhere in the room to stand where you’re involved but still comfortable.

Seek out another person who’s alone

There’s likely to be another person who came stag. If you can find them you have an instant connection due to coming alone. They’ll probably appreciate you coming over!

Going to a party by yourself can be stressful but there’s no reason to panic if you follow these ten tips.

What are your tips?

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