The event industry is one of the most competitive niche industries in the business world where established and experienced entrepreneurs take the lion’s share of the billions of dollars made each year. Statistics show that 70.8% of clients with upcoming events would rather use an event professional with experience, preferably those recommended to them by.. read more →

Going stag to an event can mean leaving behind your whole support system. How in the world do people do this regularly? For most people the thought of going to an event or party without someone there that they already know is terrifying. Read on for a few hints to survive this ordeal. Dress appropriately.. read more →

David Benitez is the co-founder of Content Cocktails and he is a very passionate individual on human interactions in a humane kind of way! He is very dedicated to support the different destinations to better adapt and to reach out to the Global Meetings Industry community in the most effective way.  David is also an expert.. read more →

VLOG ALERT! #Vlog3: To drink or not to drink ft. VSC! I was kindly invited by Mexia Communications to the VSC Vineyard event. It was the perfect event to showcase their fully refurbished rooms while having a good time. Plenty of wine, food and networking throughout the evening. Thank you to Mexia Communications for inviting.. read more →

VLOG ALERT! #Vlog2: My French Networking Affair ft. The MICE Blog! I was kindly invited to the #EventPlannersTalk LIVE event on the 21th September. The topic was: The Future of Corporate Networking. There were 3 speakers, 1 facilitator and a room full of interesting, engaged event professionals. This was a real treat for me (and anyone.. read more →

VLOG ALERT! I am trying something new: VLOGGING! I was kindly invited to Holborn BNI Hospitality Powerteam Networking Event on the 7th September by the organiser:  Wil Watts. There was a great bunch of event professionals and we were spoilt by the super knowledgeable Emma Parker with a 1 hour London tour! Check out how it went here.. read more →