Where do I get my inspiration from? Which blog posts do I read to keep up with this ever changing, ever progressing industry?

This list is nowhere close to being exhaustive, just my personal note on the blogs that are worth visiting.

Here we go: (In no particular order)

  1. Borelli Strategies 

Nick* specializes in digital marketing strategies through consulting, coaching, and brand communication management for events and event companies. *one of my fav eventprofs ever.

  1. I am a damn student, what do I know? 

This particular blog is perfect for event management students, graduates and anyone who is looking to start up a career in event management. Go Caitlin! (Mad love for this one)

  1. The Mice Blog

The MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) blog targets corporate event planners through topics ranging from event coverage, reviews of MICE destinations, venues, and more. You should get Irina to come to your events-always.

  1. Event Manager Blog 

Event Manager Blog delivers trending topics and latest news in innovative ways. (Julius is just THE MAN-Oh and let’s not forget CARMEN-Great team)

  1. Socialtables 

Lots of tips on this blog-from planning, to sustainability to technology to budget. Mega shout out to this stunner Laura!

  1. CadmiunCD 

This blog, mainly but not exclusively, is written by the amazing Mike. There is content about tech, engagement and of course planning.

  1. Bizzabo

Great comprehensive resource-easily navigable. Divided in marketing, management, engagement, business, geeks and update. (Yay to David)

  1. Slido 

Most blog posts bring exciting ideas on how to make events more engaging and excite the audience. (Love Juraj, Peter and Abigail)

  1. Plan your meetings 

This blog has all sorts of helpful resources to aid you in the event planning process such as booking hotels, and getting planning assistance from experts. Go Kristi!

  1. TINT 

I love this blog as it has lots of social media, user generated content tips, brand and marketing. Good job Tim!

  1. Gallus Events 

Love how William writes about event planning, event formats and event content.

  1. Pathable 

Target corporate event planners and their event solutions. Great content Jordan!

  1. Evolero

This blog has lots of advice on event planning, ticket sale, attendee engagement as well as lots of news of Tal’s incredible business journey-incl all new partnerships and collaborations.

  1. Endless 

Articles are written to help event planners be better at their jobs, provide them with inspiring event production ideas, and highlight best practices from all over the event planning industry. (Will, you are super fun)

  1. Conferences that Work 

This blog offers loads of invaluable posts about conference design, facilitation, and peer conferences. Adrian is a fantastic and very very very experienced event professional.


Dean Johnson 
All about tech. Dean is crazy innovative and his blog is worth stopping by and checking what’s happening in the tech world!

5 Responses to 15 Must-Read Event Industry Blogs 
  1. These are all TOP choice! Must get you subscribed to Boomset’s blog, too! 🙂

  2. Yohai Rosen December 10, 2022 at 4:09 pm Reply

    Didn’t know Slido, very interesting stuff…

  3. Juraj Holub December 12, 2022 at 10:04 am Reply

    Thank you so much, Silvia, for including us in the list and your shout-out. We love what you’re doing with EventsUncovered!


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